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What Will You Leave your Loved Ones?

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This should be a most important  question when our spirit leaves the body and goes to that "realm from where no traveler returns." People throughout the ages have left things to their loved ones upon their passing. These "things" may be wealth, houses, businesses, etc., but I wonder if the average person may not have overlooked one of the important "key things" in the scale of value. How many really take cognizance of the fact that memories left can be either a precious heritage or a discordant note,a blessing or a curse?
To a son or a daughter, there may be memory echoed tones of a mother pouring out her soul in song. The singing of spiritual songs by a mother has a far-reaching influence on her child. Such a memory will continue through the years as a guiding light and as a restraining influence against evil temptations. The melody of the song may linger long, bringing sustaining balm years hence for those on beds of affliction.
Those who have been blessed with praying fathers may still hold close to the heart the memory of those prayers of a righteous man. Others may meditate upon the faithfulness and stedfastness of a son or daughter who stood by with strong courage in some hour of family crisis. Remember that it was the memories of the father's house that brought the prodigal son out of a pig pen and back home. What would the memories of your home do to a boy in a similar situation? Day by day in the home you are building memories that help or hurt your children and even your children's children. These are the lasting things.. .memories to be kept and brought back to conscious mind.
What could be of greater value to one's children than the precious memories of a righteous father and a righteous mother who loved each other and their children; parents who taught their children daily, both by precept and example, the Word of God; parents who put spiritual things first, who let nothing interfere with their church attendance? Parents who nurture their children in the admonitions and teachings of the Lord will leave behind a rich, abiding heritage.
Parents, always put first things first, and long after you have departed this life your children will rise up and call you blessed. The memories of the godly life of a loved one can bring great encouragement to those left behind. "They shall utter the memory of thy goodness and sing of thy righteousness" (Psa. 145:7).
It is well to ask ourselves, "What kind of memories are we storing up to leave our loved ones?" They are perhaps more important than we think for, in the words of a great song "... true today we are here, but tomorrow may see just a grave in the vale and a memory of me."
Our faculty of memory can be a great blessing to us. David said, "I remember the days of old..." (Psa. 143:5) and, "all the ends of the world shall remember..."(Psa. 22:7). Paul praised the Corinthian brethren because they remembered him in all things (1 Cor. 11:2).
When we come to the end of this life, may we have lived in such a manner that our loved ones and others will remember with satisfaction and hope "all the way our God has led us," and desire to follow us as we have followed Christ
-Russellville, AR


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