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Brother Kirbo's Reasonings

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my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the
Lord... " (Isaiah 55:8-9).
Kirbo’s Reasoning
Fred Kirbo -
Now about fellowship, what are we to withdraw from? Those things that are disgraceful and are a reproach to the church. Now some of us, in reasoning about discipline, want to start at the bottom and go up. (I think it would be better to start at the top and go down!) Many reason like this: "Well, brother Kirbo, I just don't like to see chewing gum in the church house: Chewing gum is just as bad as drinking Coca Cola, and drinking Coca Cola is just as bad as drinking coffee, and drinking coffee is just as bad as smoking and smok­ing is just as bad as drinking beer, and drinking beer is just as bad as drinking whiskey, and drinking whis­key is just as bad as getting drunk, and getting drunk is just as bad as committing adultery, and on and on.
Do you see how lop-sided this reasoning is? "If we withdraw from an adulterer, we'll have to withdraw from the drunkard. If we withdraw from the drunkard, we'll have to
withdraw from the whiskey drinker, and if we withdraw from him, we'll have to withdraw from the one who drinks beer. And if we withdraw from the beer drinker, we'll have to withdraw from the coffee, tea, and Coca Cola drinkers too. If we with­draw from the one who drinks Coca Cola, we'll just have to withdraw from the gum chewers too.. .and you know that it wouldn't be right to withdraw from someone just because he chews gum during the church ser­vices!" So, because you can't with­draw from people chewing gum in church, you can't withdraw from the adulterer!
Oh my! Isn't it awful that people will look at it like that? Do you know what we had better do? Instead of starting with some chewing gum at the bottom, let's go to the top
and start working down. Let's withdraw from the fornicator, the drunkard, the liar and the thief! Let's start up there. Start working out some of those things, and I'll tell you, when we get through working down, we may look around and say, "Where did all those other little things that we didn't like go?" You know, they may begin to vanish right and left.
Here's a farmer who owns some land and he has two men working for him. We'll call them farmer A and farmer B. Both farm corn. There is a lot of Johnson grass that grows in both fields. Fanner A goes out there and he cuts down all the careless weeds, Johnson grass, cockleburs, and those great big old blood weeds that are sapping
the corn. He fights them. You might walk along and see a few little things here and there (little sprigs of grass and so on), but he's cutting out the big things so the corn will have a chance to grow. You can see some pretty corn growing in his field.
But step over to Farmer B's field and there you see everything grown up in Johnson grass, cockleburs, careless weeds, and just about every­thing. Why, you can't even see the corn! And so you ask, "Why aren't you out working?" And he says, "You know, I decided if I can't get that little ole bitty grass down there, I might as well let it all grow. I'm going to accept the little grass, the cockleburs, and everything else. I can't get it all, so I'm just going to let it all grow together."
Now, we commence to get some ideas along this line. We want to make it where brethren can't practice discipline in any congregation; kind of like the old Irishman. One time he was loading down the old ox with rails. He said, "Well, if he can pull this one, he can pull this one. If he can pull this one, he can pull this one," and so forth, until he had loaded him down with more than he could pull. Then, just as inconsis­tently he said, "If he can't pull this one, he can't pull this one," and so on, until he unloaded him! There was a happy medium there if he would find it! There is a happy medium on discipline too! There sure is and common sense will help a lot!


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