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These few lines were submitted by brother Robert Shields. I've known Rob­ert and the family for many years, long before Robert married his good wife Susan. His observations of Susan touched Elaine and me. I think they de­serve a place in the paper, and for the very reasons addressed by brother Rob­ert. God bless you dear brother. And may God bless you too Susan. Robert writes:
I wanted to write of Susan. Many don't know her, but I think she is very special. I think if people could see her, they could be lifted up spiri­tually. So I hope this little
article might do as well.
Sometimes in life things happen, and people think, "Why me?!  People, it seems, feel like all the bad things happen to other people, but never them. But when it does, it's like, "How could this happen to me? It  wasn't supposed to. I've never done anything wrong. I've lived a good life. Why me?"
You know, it could be a financial problem. It doesn't have to be a physical problem. You could have a good paying job. You feel like you can buy a new house, a new ear-maybe two cars. Then, with the economy the way it is today, you could lose your job. Then you lose your home, and cars, and you think, "Why me?!" But these are just worldly things. You can always get them again. But it is still hard to lose them.
You know, when our body fails us, or we lose these things I've named, God promised He would never leave us. God says "Be content with such things as ye have, for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee" (Heb. 13:5). Besides, you can't take it with you. But if you are right with God, you have a much better place to look forward to.
The reason I decided to write this is because of a friend at church. We talk on the phone and he was talking about disappointments. I thought about me and my wife, Susan. I get down because Susan has to live in a Nursing Home. She has since 2004. But I would think, "Why me? Why does Susan have to live there and I have to live here by myself? We were supposed to grow old together." But I would always think, "me, me, me"...I wasn't thinking how Susan felt. She has more right to curse God than anyone I know. She can't do anything for herself. She can't do any of the things we take for granted. She can't walk, she can't feed herself, she can't go to the restroom by herself. She is fully dependent on someone else.
Then, she's a Brittle Diabetic. Her blood sugars are pretty well out of control. They are like a yo-yo. But, you know...she's always smiling! She never curses God saying,
"Why me?! Why did You allow all of this to happen to me? I don't deserve this. I hate You!"
That's not Susan.  She's always interested in talking about God, and she misses going to church a lot. She's an example to me of how we are to be; to take the worst that could happen to us and make the best out of it.  You know, maybe through Susan or others like her-maybe some­one will see through their life, maybe they will see God and want to know more-want to become a Christian. You can't lead someone to God be­ing all negative.
I just wanted people to know Su­san and what a special person she is. Because of her, I am trying not to think of "me, me, me" so much, but to think of others.  We shouldn't be angry with God or snap at anyone because of these things, but praise God for the chance to reach someone, or to make some­one stronger. So don't think or say, "Why me, Lord?" But instead, say "Thank you Lord for using me as an example for others to see." We as Christians shouldn't let things of this world, or things that could happen to this physical body hinder us from serving God with all our heart. What we will receive in the end will be worth it all! -Robert Shields, Husband
If you would like, send sister Susan a card, she would love to receive them.  Medicalodge Susan Shields 103 East Nursery Butler, MO 64730


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