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When Good Men Do Nothing

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A brother in the digressive church reminds us of the accurate as­sessment of Edmund Burke: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." He then proceeds to describe the present di­lemma of brethren in his fellowship. He writes in response to the errone­ous concept that we should not speak out against the errors of digression and denominationalism, but rather just preach the positive truths of God's Word and "error will take care of itself." Of course, "speaking out" is the responsibility of every brother who cares, and not only against di­gression and denominationalism, but any error that may corrupt the church, including any direction that could corrupt her. The brother writes:

"For the last 40 years the majority of our good men have failed to speak words of warning about the danger of apostasy; about the danger of em­bracing the message and means of denominationalism. These good men never taught nor practiced error themselves but because they ne­glected to indoctrinate their brethren, we now find ourselves in a crisis situation. Virtually every week I hear of another congregation that has embraced this new approach to "do­ing church" as they like to say. And still most of our preachers and elders are saying and doing little or nothing to inoculate their members against it.

"As a student of our history I know and can predict that change agents will eventually knock at the door of every congregation. Those who have been properly warned will recognize the danger and reject it. Those who have not been warned will find themselves in danger of subversion. Many of them we will lose.

"Neutrality in the face of a deter­mined enemy of his church is not loyalty to Christ. Think about where we would be today, if in 1890 Bro. David Lipscomb and others had fol­lowed the path... of just preaching the word in their own community and leaving all the rest alone. If your congregation would exist at all, it would likely be a Christian Church with all that entails." (End quote.)

Jesus preached truth, and against the errors of the day. (Matthew 5 is a prime example of this.) Paul did the same, as did the other New Testa­ment writers. Is there not something to be learned from this? Are good men today to do otherwise than what these Bible characters exemplify?



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