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I Just Sit and Imagine

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I can remember both of my children when they were young, playing with imaginary friends. I had forgotten about that until my grand­daughter was over the other day and I walked into our play room and found her talking to someone, yet no one was there. 1 stood for a moment without her knowing I was there and just listened. Of course I was only getting to hear one side of the con­versation but just the same it was quite interesting to see how a little mind could imagine so well. I almost hated to interrupt her and her little friend but it was time to get ready for church. She quickly told me she would be down in just a minute and as I walked out I heard her say, "Pappy said it is time to go to church so we have to go get ready."

As I heard the footsteps coming down the stairs it was only one set of feet. Her little friend was only an imaginary friend that seemed so real to Autumn.

This incident brought a thought to my mind that I would like to share in this editorial and maybe it will help us grown-ups. The scriptures lets us know that we have imaginations also and can be a large hindrance in our Christian walk. Paul wrote about those in Rom 1:21: "...became vain in their imaginations, and their fool ish heart was darkened." In Genesis 8:21 it talks about the imaginations of the heart being evil from our youth.

As I looked I could never find a verse that talked about good imagina­tions. Maybe we need to stop and think about that for a moment and then we may be able to solve a lot of problems in our lives.

As the Scriptures teach, we all know we can imagine some very sinful things, like feeling bad toward brethren. But maybe I feel bad to­ward our brethren because I just sit and imagine things about them.

For example: when I saw brother Bobo the other day he didn't really act like he was happy he got to see me. Then the next time I saw him he was talking to one of the other broth­ers when I walked by and he didn't speak to me again. The next day I was setting in my recliner and my imagination was running wild. By the time I was through, he was speak­ing evil of me to that other brother, he was just too good for me, he just didn't think I was too smart and therefore he didn't want to talk to me. My car and house is not as good as his so he doesn't really want to be around me. And on top of that he wears nicer clothes than I do, so he thinks he is a lot better than me.

Besides that he can preach a whole lot better than me. Bottom line is he cannot stand me and he will go out of his way to show me. As a result I start trying to avoid him and will not even look his way. Even when he tracks me down and speaks I barely say hi and he just walks off. The two of us were once very close but in a short period of time we grow apart and become strangers.

Brother Bobo would talk to his wife everyday asking her if she knew what was bothering me and what had happened to our friendship. Then one day he came to me as a brother in Christ should and said, "Tell me what is wrong."

Based on my imaginations I started accusing him of everything that I had imagined to only find out it was just imagination in my own heart and brother Bobo was as good a brother in Christ as he had always been.

Now this was only an example, but I wonder today how many prob­lems in the church are based upon imagination rather than Scripture. I wonder how many brethren are at odds with one another due to what one or both has imagined? Maybe that is why the Scriptures teach com­munication between us when there are problems.

When we talk to others about one another, then the imaginations begin to spread and before you know it a brother is cut off and he still believes and teaches the same as he always has. I believe today we can save many heartaches if we will quit liv­ing in a imaginary world and become real and sincere in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will end with this. If you call me and I don't call you back or if I don't call you very often or not at all, please forgive me. Do not imagine I don't love you or I have something against you, because if I do I promise I will tell you.

I use this in a humorous manner because this fits me well. In my busi­ness I feel sometimes I am on the phone every minute of the day. As a result when I get home the phone is not my favorite gadget. Now with that said please don't imagine that I don't want to talk to you because 1 do and I will. It just might take a few tries. God Bless!

But there are good "imagina­tions"! just imagine how beautiful heaven will be. But it is my prayer that one day we will be there to­gether, knowing how great and grand it is.



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