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An Observation

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An Observation

by Chris Robinson

Our Father, in His infinite wisdom, gave us the ability to "reminisce" about the past. Often times I can vividly recall childhood memories of going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house when I catch the faint whiff of fried chicken cooking. Taking these walks down memory lane remind us of "the good old days," days we wish we could relive. Other times these trips take us down trails that we have completely blotted out of our memories, maybe for no other reason than we just don’t think we need to remember.

Recently a dear sister from my congregation asked me about an article printed years ago in The Light by my grandfather Wayne Robinson. It was an article about "the exception." Going through several back issues of The Light in my search for this particular article I started walking down some long forgotten trails in the church. I began to notice the names of some of the writers: M.J. Buffington, Luke Robertson, H.E. Robertson, William Heimer, George Hogland, Sr., of whom having boarded the old ship of Zion, have sailed on to the other shore. Then I noticed the names of some very dear brethren who are no longer with us, who have gone the way of Demas, who have become the fallen prey of the devil. I read obituary after obituary of dear brothers and sisters, who have blazed the trail ahead into glory, some in their very old age, some very young. I read names that had stated their position on carnal warfare, friends and companions of mine who had fallen to spiritual warfare–far, far too many casualties.

Then I began to go over names of brothers and sisters who are still with us, who are not able to wield the sword as they once were, brother Larry Robertson, brother Bob Johnson, brothers J.B. Lasater and even some of the brethren who have many more days behind them than ahead, in this life. And the thought began to trouble me, who is going to fill their shoes?

Some are very hard to replace, brother Raymond Foster, not a "preacher" by any means, but a wonderful teacher, how many of us picked up on his teaching of love, giving of their means to help others, and genuine concern for those who are outside the ark of safety. Who is going to fill his shoes? How thankful I am for good Christian heros, role models among us for the truth. There are several other of our brothers and sisters, still with us, whose lives are an open book of love and giving, of forgiveness and compassion, of hospitality and good works, who we can and should be learning from. I recently had contact with a very sweet sister from New Mexico, who was the express image of her parents and grandparents, in Texas. Can we all say this about our children and grandchildren, that they are mirror images of us and have stayed loyal to Christ and his church? How many of us don’t want our children to follow in our paths, because we haven’t taken the right trails. Do you like the answer to the question of yourself, "Do they see Jesus in Me?" Be thankful for our older brothers and sisters. Remember they care for your soul and have a lot that they can teach you on being a good Christian.

Who is filling the shoes of our preachers? Brother Fred was in his mid fifties when he marched into eternity. There will never be another Fred, but who has carried the sword he laid down, when he picked up his crown? Oh, there are several others, and we need young men to stand firm, not be for sale, and preach of the old paths. We need men in the church who will stand for truth even though it seems that they stand alone. We need soldiers who when the fiery darts of the wicked are being hurled, will stand fast with the shield of faith, and be an example to others. We need men who, when the question is asked, "Who is on the Lord’s side?" will firmly reply, "Master, here am I." Let us not let the the work these pioneers of old started.

In several of our sister’s obituaries I noted that many of them were said to be good, godly women, good examples to our younger sisters. Who is going to fill their shoes? Who of our women are going to refuse to let the current fashion trend in clothing and hair styles allow them to digress from the beautiful woman that God wants you to be. We need women who are more concerned about their homes, their husbands and the precious children that God has entrusted them with, than joining the work place to help keep them up with the neighbors. We need women who want to be mothers, to be the cornerstone of our society, to rear our children instead of letting the TV do it for them.

In observing just the past relatively short years, it should alarm us as young people of the great responsibility that we have. The future of the church is on our shoulders and there are already young boys and girls who are looking to you for their example. Don’t let them see YOU be a casualty of war, but let them see that you are concerned about filling the shoes of those brave brothers and sisters who have fought hard in their battle for Christ. Let us continue to wield the sword against sin and digression. Let us promote truth, humility, and love for our brethren and for those outside. Let us, as those who have gone before, go to our graves having done everything we can to stretch the boarders of Zion. –14854 Hwy 5 Lebanon, Missouri 65536



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