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America at War–The CO Statement

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America at War–The CO Statement

Shortly after the first of the year we propose to print a list of names submitted to us as conscientious objectors to carnal warfare. We are not sure what the attitude of Federal Officials will be in the future in our changing society, but in years past with the draft in place, our young men who registered as conscientious objectors were often individually investigated by the FBI. One of the questions invariably asked then was, "Have you made your objection known to others?"–sometimes with an emphasis on "made it known publically." Printing these names fills this need. It is likely even more important that our young men give a short sermon on their convictions in their home congregation, or at least read a statement publicly there. Note should be made of who is in the audience as witnesses, with the document filed away for safe keeping.

Many have already submitted their objection for us to print and file here. If you wish your name to be added to this printed list, submit your name and objection as soon as possible. Several of our young sisters have also submitted, which is likely wise. Remember, we are on file in Washington as the "Peace Church of Christ." We hold a position on carnal warfare that some of the greatest minds in the restoration movement held, Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone, Tolbert Fanning among them. Other latter day preachers ad-vocated the same (as H. Leo Boles). None of this matters except to encourage our young people, and to inform those of you reading this who disdain our Biblical views that we are not radical, fanatical, members of the church of Christ, holding baseless and heretofore unheard of convictions.

We are not radical, we are not insurrectionists, we do not oppose our government. Nor are we militant demonstrators of these Christian convictions. We simply and humbly plead that we may exercise our rights as citizens of these great United States to live as quiet subjects of our government, praying for our state and national leaders, serving our nation as good and excellent citizens in ways that do not violate the God we serve. We will continue submitting to the laws of our land, paying our taxes, our tribute, as required, and humbly loving our Adamic brothers.

As Christians, we intend to influence our communities and our nation only for good, but we will do this through godly living, not by militant protest, radical involvement, or bearing arms against our fellows. We have no interest in telling our government how to run its affairs, hold its elections, or wage its wars. In these times of aggression, unrest and war, we respectfully request that we be allowed to follow the Prince of Peace in our convictions related to these matters. Reasonable men cannot conceive of the pure and guileless Son of God hurling a grenade, pressing a machine gun trigger, or having part in the high tech warfare of missiles, bombs, fire and suffocation. We cannot imagine Jesus approving of his disciples submitting to such basic training where they are intensely schooled in fighting and killing and physical destruction–or, "Kill, kill, kill," as one former Marine told me of his basic training.

The world will take care of the necessary things of the world. God ordained this (Romans 13:1-7). "Let the dead bury their dead" Jesus said–those who are dead to his teaching have numbers sufficient to take care of their worldly things. They will run their own business. The Christian’s business is to serve Almighty God in both spirit and truth. Let us shine as the morning sun in goodness and charity–let us be true men, genuine, dedicated, devout. As our Master was repulsed by violence and bloodshed, may we also be. May we in abject humility and total commitment, emulate our Saviour at every turn, and under every circumstance. –jj



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