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The Lord’s Side

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The Lord’s Side

When Moses came down from the Holy Mount, to the people’s shame, he beheld them naked. Incensed at their idolatry, Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and exclaimed, "Who is on the Lord’s side? let him come unto me." (Exo. 32:26). The question is worthy.

Who IS on the Lord’s side? The Lord does have a side, you know. And we have a right to know who is on it. Every parent, every congregational leader, every elder, every preacher, every individual has the right. But more than the right to know, with so much at stake in our permissive and liberal culture, all of these named have the responsibility to know, so far as possible. A good question, this: "Who is on the Lord’s side?"

We said the Lord has a "side." But is this so...or is he, rather, on everybody’s side that claims to be religious? Or on everybody’s side that declares membership in the church of Christ? Does man make the "sides" with the Lord choosing whom he likes best? Not at all. The Lord indeed has his own side, and it is the right side, the best side, the whole side, and the only side. It is not the side of some church paper, as The Light or OPA or some other. It is not some preacher’s side, nor is it an "issue’s" side. It is certainly not a "pet peeve" side. It excludes no one from its blessing but those who will not accept it. It includes no one but those who, without reservation, embrace it.

It is the Bible side, and thus you may expect to read about in the Bible. It is the side that is clear and plain and revealed. It is not a side of conjecture, assumption, or personal likes or dislikes. It is a side that governs our lives. It is a side that controls the church. It is a side that will take us to heaven. The Lord’s side. No one is on this side but New Testament Christians–unworldly, devoted, peace loving, faithful to the Word, consecrated to Christ, in love with the church. These such–and only such are on the Lord’s side.

But even with all this, it is not always easy to determine who is actually on the Lord’s side; we cannot always know what brethren believe. Some claim to be on His side but we cannot clearly know. A common complaint coming from brethren in digression is that brethren promoting a liberal agenda among them are almost impossible to nail down. They are expert in evasive answering. That is sad. It is a skill no true Christian should covet.

Visiting with brother David Trayler some days ago, we discussed how difficult it is to extract the truth from brethren. Brother David observed, "You just have to ask the right questions." Recently, brother Freeman Crowe shared that he had seen the same in some of his experiences. This can be illustrated many ways, but one of the most common experiences among us is to ask a preacher if he believes in divorce and remarriage. He may tell you "absolutely not!" But press him if he believes Matthew 5:32, 19:9 apply in the Christian era and he may say "Oh, yes." Some time ago, a known proponent of divorce and remarriage, writing of this very question in a brotherhood journal boldly asserted, "No one believes in divorce." That answer is not even technically true–and certainly not true when given in answer to the common question, "Do you believe in divorce and remarriage?" When brethren know exactly what we mean in any question asked–where it is precisely obvious–yet answer in a way to mislead the querist, they sin before God. It is bald-faced deception. A technical explanation of why their answers differ (depending on how the question is worded) will not excuse them. Ill-framed though the question may be, it is known what is meant in these very common queries we ask brethren. Fellow Christians, whatever others do, let us determine to "speak every man truth with his neighbour" (Eph. 4:25). (See a short study of this verse elsewhere.) –Jerry



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