...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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by Don Perkins

It is believed that there had been a false teaching among the Colossians that later was known as Gnosticism. It proposed the idea that everything Spiritual was good and that everything material was bad. That led to the mistaken idea that Christ, being good could not have had a bad material body, and so could not have suffered as other men would on the cross as He must have been all Spirit.

When men draw mistaken conclusions from their theories, it is as if they are building their beliefs on the sand. Since their foundation is weak their beliefs will not stand for very long when subjected to study by honest investigation.

We must have our faith and practices based on sound Scriptural evidences. Other-wise our own "think so's" are of no value. What I think of you or what you think of me will not send anyone to heaven or hell, for we are not the judge. But we can look back in history and even to this present time and find many self righteous, self appointed judges among us. "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling" is not a suggestion but a literal command. Although it is a more common practice to attempt to work out everyone else's salvation.

Only a scripturally qualified elder has any privileges in the church, and that not of being a judge. He has the responsibility of leading and teaching the flock, and he is due the honor and respect that his conduct earns. —714 Vogel, Rockdale, TX 76567



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