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Commitment is a decision, not a feeling. It is a promise you keep regardless of the emotions of the moment. Emotion says, "quit, give up, bail out," but commitment says, "stay, hold on, hang in there." Why do you stay? Because you made a promise. Because your word means something. Because you said you would. Because you committed.

Commitment isn't affected by circumstances. You don't measure the cost and then decide if you will live up to your commitment. That's not commitment. That's convenience. Commitment stays true even when circumstances are hard.

Commitment involves character. It is keeping your word even when it's not easy. It is doing what you said you would do even when you don't feel like it. Marriages are built on commitment. Families are built on commitment. Churches, friendships, careers, they are all built on commitment. People who want marriage, family, church, career, or friendship without commitment are just playing a game. They are toying with a cheap substitute hoping to find real substance at no cost. It "ain't gonna happen!" Yes, commitment costs. But better yet, commitment pays!

—Greg Cummings



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