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Respect For Mother

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Respect For Mother

The husband is the "protector" of the wife, although it has changed somewhat in our day, generally. Women are named in scripture as "the weaker vessel," and have been considered so even in the non-religious segment of our society. Men will often step for-ward to lift a heavy object for a woman, open a door, offer a seat, etc. It has been fre-quently observed that this is so because women (at least a number of them) appear feminine in their conduct and manner of dress. The feminist and the unisex segment of the ERA movement has contributed to the declension of this sort of respect, but to a consid-erable degree, it is still honored.

For a husband to be a "protector" is advantageous to a woman when he will take his place in handling confrontations with others involving, say, business matters, or inci-dents dealing with one who may be disgruntled or angry over some matter. Such sometimes arise in school matters, with the neighbors or other acquaintances. Our wives should be relieved of the emotional burden of representing the family in such confrontations.

But this aspect of a husband/wife relationship is especially beneficial when dealing with the children. A father who steps in to handle a matter where a child might verbally abuse the mother ("sassing"—back talk), or in matters of simple disobedience, is provid-ing a lasting benefit for the family. Mr. Larry Christenson observes: "A husband who protects his wife from the discourtesies and abuses of the children instill in them a sense of respect for womanhood. This, together with his own example of courtesy and consider-ation toward his wife, is part of the legacy which every father should pass on to his sons...God's intention is that a husband should stand between his wife and the world, absorbing many of the physical, emotional, and spiritual pressures which would come against her."

A godly mother deserves respect. A good husband can protect her from any emotional abuse coming from the children by simply taking care of the matter imme-diately (with the rod or other firm discipline), letting the child know that such will not be tolerated. Should the father hear the slightest hint of disrespect toward the mother, he should correct it at once. The children must learn early on that behind motherhood is the authority of the father. This is suggested in the simple words of the apostle Peter, "giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel" (1 Pet.3:7).



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