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A Sermon for the Ladies

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A Sermon for the Ladies

It is a sin for a woman to speak evil and disparagingly of her husband. "Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband" (Eph. 5:33). Both commands are to be obeyed. Sarah exemplified the respect a wife should have for her husband by obeying him and addressing him with much respect. The manner of life of a godly wife is to be "coupled with fear" (1 Pet. 3:6-7). One American sociologist observed that the modern husband has lost heavily. Whereas he was once respected, today he is viewed as a stupid bumbling simpleton. Perhaps many husbands have brought this upon themselves. In other cases, the blame is with the wife or the children. Sometimes with both.

A godly wife manifests her respect for her husband in many ways.

1.) By fulfilling her duties in the home, Titus 2:5. Few, if any, men can do for the home what a godly wife can. Even by the satisfying of domestic duties, men are pressed to love their wives the more. The home is a man's castle and the wife is queen of that castle only when each fills their respective places. The insatiable quest for material goods which so often takes wives into the public workplace, has done (and is doing) incalculable damage to the home unit as described in the Bible.

2.) By being in subjection to her husband, Eph. 5:22-24. No marriage benefits where the wife is domineering. A wife's submission to her husband grows out of her submission to Christ. (Compare Rom. 6:16-18.) As she submits to Christ, she will submit to her husband since Christ requires it so. It is no more unbecoming for the church to assume the headship of Christ than for the wife to assume the headship of the husband. It is no small matter to hear it said, "She wears the pants in that family."

3.) By wearing his name, Gen. 5:2. There is good reason why the wife takes the husband's name instead of vice-versa. Among other things, it acknowledges the God given order of headship and submission (1 Cor. 11:3).

4.) By avoiding criticizing him to others, 1 Cor. 13:5-7. Belittling and criticizing the husband manifests disrespect and in time will destroy his self-respect. It dis-honors the husband, the exact opposite of the wife's charge. The church can as well criticize her head as the woman can hers. It is a serious sin for a wife to express disdain for her husband to others.

5.) By defending him before others when proper. Wisdom must be exercised here lest it appear that a wife excuses all fault in her husband. She must be reasonable. Every husband is human, but appreciates the love and respect manifested when he learns his wife has properly come to his defense in a worthy matter.

6.) By acknowledging his faults and helping him correct them. Akin to the above, no sensible Christian husband will consider a covering of his faults as a sign of honor and respect by the wife. She has failed her duty. Nor can a husband grow as he ought where such is done. It is impossible for a wife to help her husband overcome his faults while refusing to admit to those faults. —via His Image



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