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Reading For Pleasure

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Reading For Pleasure

by Jeff Foreman

I stumbled on to a discovery that was hidden from my eyes and yet right before them at the same time. I'm considering the study that we men put into our lessons. I found myself reading the Bible with only a studious and critical approach. Studying every word and searching every time for a deeper meaning. Reading the sacred words with a meticulous intellectual mind to exhaust topics for lessons. Doing Bible research "only" took all the fun out of studying. It seemed at times to be a labor as opposed to a privilege. It often became work and only work. Merely performing the task at hand. Attempting to force the Word to mean more and more because I wanted it to. I am not suggesting that this type of study is never profitable, for it most certainly is profitable and in a big way, although my thoughts here are concerning not ever reading for pleasure.

I heard a preacher on the radio give someone a recommendation that hit a bull's eye with me. He said something to the effect of, "Next time you read the Bible, read a chapter or two just for fun, not looking to solve all the mysteries and understand the deepest meanings but read it for face value, understand it." That seemed like a great idea. I began to appreciate my readings like I used to, it was fun. Lessons started jumping out and grabbing me by the throat. It seemed I had tried too hard in my studying and worked myself into a corner. Read the Bible just for fun, what a novel idea. Return to your first love. Can you remember how fun it was to really understand a Bible teaching for the first time. To say to yourself "yeah, that's what God meant about that—now I get it." That is exciting. The Bible is great reading any time for anyone. It is very enjoyable to read. Try it; you will like it. —444 Berry Dr., Beaumont, TX 77705



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