Confusion and Our Children

Tim Watts

If we desire to keep the church of our Lord from becoming extinct, we should labor not only to save ourselves but also to save our own. Yes, we should expend tremendous effort during the formative years of our children to train them up "in" the nurture and admonition of the Lord" (Eph. 6:4). We should make every effort to be consistent according to truth. It is the teaching, belief and obedience to the truth that sets men free from the bondage of sin and leads them away from the confusion or disorder that accompanies error and the promotion thereof (John 8:31-32).

Truth taught one Lord's day and error taught the next Lord's day can­not and will not bring a harvest other than confusion. Some brethren are promoting (and such is nothing new) that we can commune and give our contribution to congregations that embrace and uphold adultery. Will that work? Can we really save our own this way? Friend, God is not the author of confusion in the home nor is He the author of confusion in the church. He meant for them both to provide a fortress for our children to grow up in.

The open fellowship with congre­gations that silence truth and uphold error has been a frequent topic in my home of late. In an effort to solidify the minds of my children concerning what inevitably happens when we partner with sin and false doctrine, we undertook an experiment in our garden during a recent growing sea­son. We planted 4 rows of okra. In 3 of these rows we planted just okra, which was to represent planting the truth or preaching just the truth from our pulpits. In the fourth row, we planted not only okra but we also mixed in morning glory seeds, which was to represent false doctrine and its choking effect.

When my daughter observed me mixing in the morning glory seeds it was like, "Dad, have you lost your mind?" Nonetheless, we looked to the Creator's unchanging law of sowing and reaping to provide us a lesson. We were not disappointed! In the 3 rows of okra seed only, we cared for them by keeping them clean. We tilled the middles and kept the rows free of weeds. "Just like keeping our pulpits clean," I ex­plained to my children, "no admixture"! The plants in these rows grew tall, they flourished and we harvested an abundant crop of okra. It was not so with the morning glory/okra row. About the time the okra plants were ready to produce, the morning glory vines began to wrap around the stalk and the "fruit." My family was able to vividly witness otherwise healthy okra plants being "choked" and pulled earthward as those morning glory seeds sprouted, grew and be­came a mass of vines. We could see that this poor row of admixture was facing extinction. We further ob­served the continuous "movement" of the vines to spread over and wrap around our clean, healthy rows. It required constant effort to keep such from happening, just like it requires constant vigilance to keep our pulpits clean and maintain faithful homes and congregations.

My children, as well as my wife and I, learned from this experiment in our back yard garden. If we choose to commune with adultery and those congregations who uphold such im­morality, we should expect spiritual confusion and its eternal conse­quence (Gal. 5:19-21). Yes, we can understand this recent lesson from nature and the Creator. I intend not to forget this clear example and pray that my children will do the same and avoid future confusion. -454 Wilson Hill Road, Readyville, TN 37149