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Pleasure In the Occult

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The devil is after our kids. The latest stage of the descent into the occult paganization of youth is the vampire craze. The Twilight vampire-romance novels,  movies, and DVDs are a runaway success. The first Twilight film grossed over $392 million worldwide. The first Twilight book stayed on the New York Times Best Seller list for 91 weeks. The Social Security Adminis­tration reports that Bella, the love-struck heroine in the Twilight tales, is now on the list of the top 200 girls' names. It says a lot about our culture when parents name their baby daughter after a girl who turns into a vampire. And it may say even more that some of our youth are enjoying Twilight.

A few months ago, I read after a fellow who had called a Catholic priest out-of-state whom he had never met or spoken to before. The priest was shaken when he called, having just hung up the phone from talking to a priest friend. It seems that two teenagers had called his friend asking the priest if he could put them in touch with a vampire. This depressing call revealed just how debased and toxic our culture has become and the estimation some Catholics have of the Catholic priest.

A Barna research report (Teens and the Supernatural - found that "three quarters of Amer­ica's youth have engaged in at least one type of psychic or witch­craft-related activity, beyond mere media exposure." The report stated 77% of Catholic youth have experi­mented with psychic and witch­craft-related activities (such as: con­sulting Ouija boards, participating in séances, casting spells, mixing magic potions, etc.). And in the church, one wonders if parents really keep tabs on what their children are involved in. They just may be surprised. Maybe shocked. Even appalled. 



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