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God Bless the Sisters

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I never cease to be amazed at my wife's relationship with her mother. Although Elaine is one of the best cooks in the "sisterhood," I often hear her calling Lois (her mom) to ask, "How long should I cook this... would this go good with 325° about right"... etc., etc. I'm sure this makes her mother feel needed (and she is), but I think there is something more to this than reassur­ance and confirmation.

However, not every sister has a mother (or dad) whom they can just reach for the phone and call. Unfortunately, we have many young sisters (married and unmarried) who have lost their mothers, and have no one to advise and counsel. In many matters, a surviving father simply cannot fill the role of a good mother who has passed.

I think of our early years at Mullin when Elaine was separated by hun­dreds of miles from her mother, and in a period when a long distance phone call was too expensive to make casually. Elaine was young and really needed her mother. During these times, sister Clara Rector, and later, sister Nobie Mosier became a "mother" to her. They were both older women, kind and patient in these years when Elaine was growing and learning what it was to be a wife and mother herself.  During those years, I was grateful that Elaine had this relationship with these godly women, and I am sure Lois was too. I was myself young at the time but even so, had learned what Elkanah had not learned when she attempted to console Hannah's longing for a child with, "Am not I better to thee than ten sons." It just doesn't work that way. The best of husbands can't fully take the place of longed-for children, and no one can take the place of a godly mother.

So what I am saying is, May God richly bless you older women who ire mothering our sisters who have no mother close by. Eternity will expose the good you are doing. Even today, many a husband is reaping benefits from sweet relationships existing between such as these I have described, and possibly aware of none of them. Emotionally, we (hus­bands) are sometimes pretty dull to the needs of our wives, and some­times even our daughters. We could do better than we sometimes do.

Good sisters, keep on with your good and godly works. Who knows whom you may help along the way to heaven. Who knows what family you may bring happiness to by being there. If "the eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good" (Prov. 15:3), He certainly sees your good work.



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