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Home The Light Articles from 2010 Does Anything Matter Anymore?

Does Anything Matter Anymore?

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The world has pressed many in the church into its mold. No lon­ger is the premium upon truth. "Tol­erance is better." Albert Einstein was a genius, but his theory of relativity-has spilled over into truth and the religious world. Today, men argue, "All is relative." "There is no abso­lute truth." "Nothing is etched in stone." "Truth is what we determine it to be." But if everyone is right, then no one is right. If every view­point is correct, then no viewpoint is correct. The Bible tells us to seek the truth, love the truth. Proverbs 23:23 says, "Buy the truth, and sell it not, also wisdom and instruction and un­derstanding."

Can there be truth? Can there be error? Does heresy exist? Is there anything left that is non-negotiable? Is God really God? Is the Bible of any real value? Cannot feelings rule?

Too many have reduced truth to a joke. Discussions are often careless, with unstudied people who are all talk with no Biblical conclusions. All are considered equals, and the "truth" presented is nothing but opinions. This situation sounds like what Paul encountered at Mars Hill in Acts 17.

Americans have a fascination with new things. Some are trendy and love excitement. Even in religion. Teach­ing based on this or anything other than the Word of God, is nothing, really, but talk! The people on Mars Hill listened to everything, yet they would not commit to anything. When truth is relative, then morals and ethics are thrown out the window.

Positions and issues do not test the Bible; the Bible tests them.



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