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Shall Ye Sit Here?

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Numbers 32:6

Moses challenged the children of Gad and Reuben when they proposed to settle east of Jordan on land which was already in their pos­session. He suspected they sought to avoid the upcoming battle for Ca­naan. He warned them not to hold back and they agreed to cross over Jordan and fight.

Today we are in a war which some would rather not fight. They would accept the offer of "peace in our time" and hope to get along with the divorce brethren without becoming contaminated by their practice. Num­bers 25:8 and 31:15 show that those who bring in fornication are not to be accepted.

If any believe that the two posi­tions can peacefully coexist, consider my own difficult time trying to sit on that fence. When I left the cups peo­ple in 1984, it was convenient to go along with the exception people while privately questioning their position. This conformed to their big tent position wherein agreement is not mandatory. When there rose the possibility of becoming an elder, I made my position public and discov­ered how unwelcome dissent really is. I was benched for a season while they debated whether such a dis­senter could even be called upon. Then some boycotted my presence on the schedule for a couple of years, applying 1 Tim. 4:3 to my position. I was on probation and received guid­ance regarding some of my lessons, which got even close to marriage issues. When I witnessed a brother make public confession for having taught against divorce, I was moved to submit my arguments to The Light. I was warned when the first article appeared and rejected as a heretic upon the second. This action was broadly supported among that fel­lowship. During all that time I had never called for disciplining the re­married nor opposed financial sup­port for their evangelists, including the divorced and remarried. It was a hard lesson on the folly of compro­mise.

The public position of the excep­tion is that we can return to those sunny happy days of tolerance if a few hard-nosed teachers are ignored. The reality is that divorce and remar­riage is a fundamental element of their peace and prosperity, and they will protect themselves as in my case. Many of them regard the recon­ciliation of a divorced and remarried person to the former mate as adultery against the second mate if the first divorce was for the exception. There­fore what we uphold, they must con­demn. This difference in belief can­not be "fellowshipped" into insignifi­cance and those who court them do so at their peril. What we need today are more like Phineas who will rec­ognize the danger and stand fast. -917 WakefieldDr., Garland, TX 75040



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