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Nothing But Truth

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It is known generally, and I pray God it may ever be known, that in our congregations, we are inter­ested in supporting nothing but truth! Nothing else will do. And I'll tell you, if we will stick with this, if we will say this is all we will support, brother, I want you to know some things will line out, some things will straighten out-if we'll stay with it, if we'll mean it.

I think we are determined to do that! Nothing but Truth! Nothing else is worth supporting. Error is not worth your support, brother. Truth is! And may we grow stronger in this one thing.. .we will support nothing, we will back nothing, morally or financially, that is in contrast to God's Word. Nothing but truth!

I'm glad to say that, as far as I know, we have no preacher who stands firm on good works and moral living-who says that we must live right and must protect the family life, the sacred morals that govern that institution... preachers who stand firm, solid, four square on what the Bible teaches on marriage-we have no preacher that takes the position that you can worship God any way you want to and still God be pleased with it.

I believe brethren, that today we have this proposition-we have those who are conservative, who are strict constructionists, and we have those who are loose constructionists-we have these two groups of people. The strict constructionists are in keeping with God's law. It has always been that way. If you want to start from the beginning you can find out that those who took God's Word just as it is, and would abide by it and nothing else, are the ones who pleased Him. And those who said, "Well, God's Word doesn't say you can't do this, you can't do that and after all we're just interested in pleasing God, we can do it the way we want to." That has always displeased Him.

That same thing is true right now. We've got the same position in our brotherhood. Those who say "any­thing goes," (maybe not quite that far), and those who say, "we've got to stick to God's Word. We've got to keep it just like it is." And the mar­riage question is thrown right in the middle of it. And those who have taken such liberal, loose positions on the marriage question are also find­ing it very difficult to keep from taking loose, liberal positions on just about anything else. May we be brethren who will never foster a party, a sect, or any such thing. But may I say, with all the power that I possess to you today brother- "Be a man, be a woman who will stand, who will approve only, and will sup­port only God's Word."

The apostle Paul told the church at Philippi that they shared equally with him in the proclamation of the gospel inasmuch as they supported him while he preached. To support a man who preaches truth is to share with him-you are as important as he is. You are supporting that which he proclaims. We often turn that around to show that to support a man who peaches error is to share with him in the proclamation of preaching error. We cannot do that in any way. We cannot back a man, morally, or finan­cially, who preaches something which is not right. It is wrong, and Paul said (and here's a good principle for all of us in every congregation) that we not give a place to the false teacher.



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