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Parable of the Ranch Hand

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The Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain man that took a job as a ranch hand, and was given the task of raising a herd of longhorns. The man worked with the longhorns, feeding and watering them and keeping them safe from danger.

Eventually, as time passed on, the time for the cattle drive to market came about, and the ranch hand was tasked this time with driving the herd successfully to market. So he mounted his horse and set off, driv­ing the longhorns across the plateau.

While traveling, the man came across a sign with the words "Turn back, danger! Cliff ahead, use other path!" The man ignored the sign and continued on, driving his cattle on from the rear. The man saw another sign with the same words, and still he ignored it and kept driving the herd. Eventually they all reached the cliff, and one by one the cattle began to fall off the cliff until only the man and his horse were left.

When the ranch hand showed up at market without the longhorns, the ranch owner was furious. He grew even more angry when he learned the man had ignored the signs and had kept going. "You stupid and ignorant man! It would have been better if it was you that fell off that cliff, and not the cattle!" The ranch owner then ordered that the man be thrown in jail.

James 3:1 (Revised Standard Ver­sion), "Not many of you should be­come teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness."

Those who lead the church people, whether elders that lead the congre­gation or preachers that teach directly to the congregation, their punishment will be greater if they do not teach the truth and lead their people to Heaven. If you are a preacher, re­member that people are watching you, always.   You're still a leader even when not in the church build­ing. Don't lead people astray.

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