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Ever know of a person who consis­tently blamed others for their personal faults or mistakes? Sure you have-may have done it a few times yourself, don't you think? But most usually, we can (and should) take blame for our own mistakes, no mat­ter how dumb they are. Most times, others know anyway. 

Sort of like this...Did you ever hear (or say) the little line, "My clothes don't fit me anymore!" Sorry, but that's not the problem. The clothes have only hung in the closet...they don't conspire against you hanging there in the dark. It's that YOU don't fit the clothes. That's what extra cake and ice cream do you know. You can't blame the clothes any more than you can blame the clutter on our desk. You can't blame the dishes because they are stacked a foot high in the sink, or the bills pil­ing up that go unpaid. The blame doesn't belong to the clutter, the dishes, the bills. Nor can we blame the clothes..."My clothes don't fit me anymore," may point the blame elsewhere but you are the one who betrayed your clothes. Not the other way around.

So, the point is, we generally know where blame lies, and most often our mistakes are our own fault. The other fellow makes enough of his own and doesn't need to be bur­dened with ours. Sometimes we may need to look in the mirror and be­come a Nathan who says to our im­age, "Thou art the man." No man ever repented who refused to accept blame.



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