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God Will Not Forget You

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God Will Not Forget You

"Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. "1 Peter 5:6-7


We are here encouraged to placeour whole cause upon him. If we suffer heavy trials; if we lose our friends, health, or property; if we have arduous and responsible duties to perform; if we feel that we have no strength, and are in danger of being crushed by what is laid upon us, we may go and cast all upon the Lord, and feel assured that He will enable us to bear up under all that is laid upon us.

The relief in the case will be as real, and as full of consolation, as if he literally took the burden and placed it on His own shoulders. He will enable us to bear with ease what we supposed we could never bear.


We are then assured "He careth for you." But it says more than that.. ."FOR he careth for you." The reason we are told to cast our bur­dens upon Him is because He cares.

God is not like the gods wor­shipped by many of the heathen, who were supposed to be so exalted, and so distant, that they did not interest themselves in human affairs; but He condescends to regard the wants of the lowliest of his creatures. It is one of the glorious attributes of the true God, that he can and will thus notice the wants of the lowly as well as the mighty; and one of the richest of all consolations when we are afflicted and are despised by the world, is the thought that we are not forgotten by our heavenly Father. He who remem­bers the falling sparrow, and who hears the young ravens when they cry, will not be unmindful of us. "Yet the Lord thinketh on me," was the consolation of David, when he felt that he was "poor and needy" (Psa. 40:17). "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up" (Psa. 27:10).

What more can one wish than to be permitted to feel that the great and merciful Jehovah thinks on him? What are we, what have we done, that we should be worthy of such condescension? Remember, poor, despised, afflicted child of God, you will never be forgotten. Friends on earth, the   great, the   mirthful, the noble, the rich, may forget you; God never will. Father, mother, neigh­bour, friend, those whom you have loved, and to whom you have done good may neglect you, but never God. You may become poor; you may lose your office; your beauty may fade, and your admirers may leave you; you may grow old, and be in­firm, and appear to be useless in the world, and no one may seem to care for you; but it is not thus with the God whom you serve. Whom he loves, he always loves; if he regarded you with favour when you were rich, he will not forget you when you are poor. He who watched over you with a parent's care in the bloom of youth, will not cast you off when you are "old and grey-headed" (Psa. 71:18). If we are what we should be, we shall never be without a friend as long as there is a God.-A Barnes, Adapted



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