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The Dirty Rose

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A father had six daughters, and had determined to teach the girls a lesson on morals. He knew the necessity of impressing Bible values upon the mind of each daughter as an individual.  One evening as he returned home from work, he stopped by a local flower shop and bought seven of the most beautiful roses in the shop. There would be one for each daugh­ter, with one left over.

At home around the kitchen table, he picked the very prettiest rose out of the bunch, and passed it to the girls, letting each one smell it and handle it. Then he put the handled rose, somewhat misused, back into the vase. After fluffing the flowers with his hands, he passed the roses around and told each daughter to take the rose she wanted. When the vase had made the circle from girl to girl, the father called the girls attention to the single rose remaining. It was the first rose passed around which all the girls had handled-the misused rose was left.

The father had made his point well. Good boys, like good girls, are not interested in exploited "roses" when they are looking for a mate. If his daughters intended to find a good man for their husband, they need not expect a godly man to be interested in them if they allowed themselves to be handled and misused morally. When girls are promiscuous, im­moral with the boys they date, in the end, the good and morally upright young man, the young man who will make the good husband, will not be interested in them as a wife.



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