...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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A Short Amen

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A want to go on record with an amen to the article that brother Jerry wrote in the April edition entitled "Progress?" There is no doubt we have made fellowship too hard to under­stand. It bothers us when the world makes salvation so difficult to under­stand when we know it is plain and simple. Many of you have heard me teach on the subject of fellowship, and I entitle one of my lessons on this subject "Black and White." The Bible is plain and simple, and it does not need to be made so hard to understand that we just shake our head at the subject. I believe that is why we are now seeing the problems of folks saying it would be okay to worship on the first day of the week at congregations that will uphold homosexuality or adultery. If we are not careful we will be brother McGarvey of the church today. God bless you brother Jerry for your article.
 -Mackie Bounds


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