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Home The Light Articles from 2008 Why Not Call It What It Is?

Why Not Call It What It Is?

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We hear a great deal about saying things politically correct today. We live in a society today that does not want things called by their real name when it comes to our morals and Christian living. What do I mean?
We will begin with adultery that Galatians 5:19 calls a work of the flesh. The world today wants to call it an "affair." That may sound better, but it is still sin, and one that will cause us to be lost. Fornication today is made light of by what it is called. Today it is called "free love" and "safe sex." As we go back to Galatians 5:19 we see it called a work of the flesh also, and it will cause us to be lost.
Then there is homosexuality that Galatians 5:19 once again tells us is a work of the flesh. The world today calls it being "gay." Are we getting the pic­ture? The sad thing is, we in the church sometimes get caught up in this same practice, and we make things sound a whole lot better than they are. I want to share a few thoughts along this line.
I will begin with divorce and remar­riage because our younger generation might grow up hearing only the term, "the exception." First of all, under the new law there is NO exception. In Mark 10:5 Jesus told the Jews that due to the hardness of their heart Moses wrote them that precept. So I simply say, call it what it is, and that is simply divorce and remarriage—and when one divorces and remarries, they are com­mitting adultery which will cause them to be lost.
Then we hear a great deal about "convenience worship." Then I go over to Hebrews 10:25 and it says "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together..." So what does the scriptures call it when, on Sunday morning, I go to the woods to hunt, or I go to the office to work, having my own "wor­ship" service in the woods or at home with my wife? I want us to call it what it is, that we have "forsaken the assembly of the church." Why do we have such a problem with that in the church when the scriptures say don't do it?
Then this last one is the "big sub­ject" today. We have brethren who want to put forth that we have such a great problem in the church today on "fellowship," and that we should all get together and have a big meeting on this subject. I think all Biblical subjects are worthy of Christian discussion, but are we using the term fellowship loosely? Why not call it what it is?—just accept worldliness in the church, and you can do what you please because it is just you and God and no one else matters. In my short 50 years of life I have never seen such a strong effort put forth to promote liberalism in the church. What is amazing to me is that those of us who stand against this movement are made light of with statements like, "he is not respected," or, "he is shallow in the scriptures," or, "he is too narrow in his thinking process"—and the list could continue.
My dear ones, when you open the gate to liberalism, it will come into the church, and the result is a congregation that tolerates sin and members who will blame the preacher when he preaches the truth. As I look at the letters written to the congregations long ago, those men called sin what it was, and encouraged others to do the same. May God help us do that very thing.


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