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Checking for "The Real Thing"

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by Fred Kirbo
The devil wants to corrupt the church that Jesus died for. He confuses people so sometimes, that they don't know what church of Christ to be a member of. They know that the church of Christ name is a scriptural name alright, but they look around and see so many churches of Christ that they don't know what to do about it. They come to an assembly and say, "Well now, you folks claim the church of Christ is the one to be a member of, but how do we know that you are the right one? Maybe you are not the correct one for me to "place my membership in." You know what you are going to have to do right here? (And this is good advice if you intend to go to heaven.) You know what you better do? When you look and see a house that says "Church of Christ" on it, you say this: "Well, that has the right title on it. It has the right name up there alright, but the thing that we need to do now is to check and see whether or not it is "the real thing!"
Now, you can put a church to the "acid test" by just opening up your Bibles. That is all you have to do-open up the Bible and say, "We'll see if this is the real thing, or if it's counterfeit." You know, the devil is in the counterfeiting business. He's using all the connivery, skullduggery, and humbuggery he can get hold of. And so you had better open your Book. Then you begin to read and you begin to go through the items of worship. That's a good way to test a church.
Test the singing. See if the singing is like the Bible pattern, with no instruments of music. You are not to have them in the New Testament church! Then you can come to the teaching service, and if they have their women teachers and their di­vided classes-check your Bibles. All you have to do is go to the scriptures and see if they come up to the standard. You can begin to check you see, and you can find out whether or not it is "the real thing."
Then you come to the praying service, and see if they pray according to the scrip­ture; and the giving and the communion. If they come up to the standard (and here's the standard right here-the New Testa­ment), then you can know that here is the one! That is the one you ought to be a member of. So, every church will have to stand inspection sometime. Sure enough! God's still inspecting churches and you just might as well inspect them too. Don't get into one that is unscriptural!
I heard of some boys one time who took a Cadillac chassis-you know, everything that would make it look like a Cadillac-but they put a Model T motor in that thing. And it would go clucking down the street, and to look at it, you would say, "Yonder goes a Cadillac." But when they lifted the hood on the thing, then you would find it wasn't a Cadillac at all-it was a Model T Ford. As one man said one time, "What people need to do is to 'lift the hood' on some churches and see whether or not they are the real thing." Just lift the hood-that's the best way in the world to test them. It's the only thing you can do. Check them! See whether or not they are "the real thing."
 -Adapted from Christ, The Man of Sorrows


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