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A New Work

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Henderson, Texas
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. After seeking our brethren's advice and praying for guid­ance, we have decided to establish a con­gregation in Henderson, Texas. We will begin meeting on January 4, 2009.
Until we have a permanent building, we will be meeting in the chapel of Crawford-Crim-Bryan Funeral Home, 1414 S. Main Street, in Henderson. Our meeting time will be 10:30 A.M. on Lord's Day Morning. We are planning house to house Bible studies and fellowship on Lord's Day evening and midweek. The bible studies and fellowship will be used to create closeness among our members as well as affording the ability to, in a private setting, ask questions and rea­son scripture together.
As we begin this endeavor, we feel that it is important to make a few statements about the congregation here. We believe that members of the Body of Christ should gather together in an established, faithful congregation of the Church. The services will be held in accordance to scriptural teaching. No instrumental music, no Sun­day school, the services will be lead by male members, the table will be set using one unleavened bread, one cup and grape juice for the cup's contents. Publicly and privately we will teach, as do the scriptures, that worship service is not to be forsaken for pleasure or work, but only as divine provi­dence hinders one from attending the ser­vices. We will also teach publicly and pri­vately that God's law must be observed in all things, including, but not limited to, what some have referred to as the "marriage question." We believe that the only way that God separates the marriage tie is by death, and for one to be married, divorced and remarried, in the sight of God is adul­tery.
We also believe that as members and leaders of the church in Henderson, that in regards to the "fellowship question," that we cannot stand in fellowship with those who would teach any false doctrine, be in support of those who promote or turn a deaf ear and look the other way to lives that are in contradiction to the Holy Scriptures. We do however realize that as the Church grows, that there will be those new mem­bers, who by study and rightly dividing the Word of truth, will need and want to change their direction, and that can be done with love and longsuffering, as the Scripture teaches. The Church in Hender­son will truly "know those that labor among us." We say this not to be divisive, but simply, for the love we have for our Sav­iour. We pray for unity and blessed commu­nion with Him and we realize that He will not be in that communion or fellowship with those who teach falsely and intention­ally omit any scripture for favor of the peo­ple and refuse to stand for the truth.
We do solicit your prayers as we begin this work. It is our desire to show our neigh­bors that there is a difference between true worship of our Father and the "worship" of being entertained. We look to the statement of Nehemiah, to "Rise Up and Build" for what is our responsibility in starting a con­gregation.
While we are looking for a permanent place for worship, we encourage any breth­ren that may be coming through this way to call us to confirm that we are still worship­ping in the same place. While we see the funeral home may not attract some, but it is our desire that those we meet will be con­verted, not by the building that we are in, but will be attracted to the Father, his Word and his Spirit, and we pray our lives will be a reflection of Him.
We do appreciate your prayers and your support for this work.
Chris Robinson


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