...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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Ahypocrite is a counterfeit, a pretender, a sham, a faker, a play-actor, a fraud, an imposter, a phoney, a charlatan, a double-dealer, a pseudo, a sham, a put-on, a doubledealer, and, to use Bible term, a dissembler and whited sepulcher. A half-dozen sincere, dedicated servants of God, can hardly undo the damage an imitation Christian can do to hinder the Lord's cause. Especially if he is a preacher. A hypocrite, single-handedly, can do more to retard the progress of the church in a community than a dozen faithful Christians can do to move it forward. Jeremiah says the "preachers" were corrupted, and God had found their wickedness "even in My house." "Even in My house...!!" Hypocrites are awful crea­tures. Condemned, damned, on their way to eternal hell.


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