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Real Treasures

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Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth cor­rupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal" (Matt. 6:19-20). These words were spoken by an individual who was by far the wisest and most intelligent person to ever walk upon the earth. Though Jesus identified clearly those "treasures that money cannot buy," we find ourselves as humanity too often in diligent pursuit of earthly treasures that soon will fade away.
In middle Tennessee, where I am from, estate auctions are very often used to dis­perse what a husband and wife have accu­mulated over a lifetime. About any week of the year, the local paper will advertise one or more of these upcoming public sales. Usually the auction company in charge will include the name of those who owned the estate which is often followed by the word "deceased."
There is not only a list of personal be­longings to be sold but the real estate is included also. Someone will bid upon and buy that which this couple labored all their lives to amass and someone else will come "to live in their house." Since their earthly possessions are being dispersed with a sobering air of finality, one is caused to wonder-Have they been rich toward God? In life, did they lay up the "real treasures" that Jesus urged all men to seek?
Our culture says to our younger couples (and the older couples, as well), "Buy now and Pay Later! Go ahead-Style and Profile! Overextend yourself. Put the family in a bind and send mother to the public workforce." Even though the debt incurred often becomes like a ball and chain around the neck, we are encouraged to just sign on the dotted line so we can have "dessert before dinner"! God-ordained roles are cast aside with little consideration of the whirl­wind that is so often reaped. Too, with such a financial burden, it can very quickly be­come more difficult to seek the real trea­sures that stabilize our hearts in so many ways.
In Exodus 32, when Moses came down from the mount after receiving the Ten Commandments, what were the people doing that so angered him? They were worshipping a golden calf! We may look down upon any who would do such a thing in our present age. However, all that may have changed in our era is the actual idol itself. Instead of being the golden calf, it is the new this, that or the other. Or, it may be the unquenchable thirst for more entertain­ment. Our point is, the pursuit for "real treasures," even among well-intentioned Christians, can lose its priority.
May we not allow money to be our "creator" but rather let us create with it! The currency of our wonderful republic has upon it "In God We Trust." It does not say in "things" we trust. May we establish and maintain healthy financial boundaries that aid in or allow us to pursue real treasures more effectively. Such will balance our own hearts as well as serve to bring greater stability to succeeding generations.


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