...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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Everyparent needs to live what he or she is teaching. It is difficult to develop in a child what we don't first possess. This is great incentive for overcoming those nag­ging faults we all possess and giving more attention to spiritual growth. It is for our own sake as well as our child's.
Character is the main focal point of parenting. Where there is no character, there is no fertile soil for basic integrity (much less spiritual graces) to take root. We define character as the foundation of all that is good and worthy in the Christian walk. It is the root of all that is needed to meet the demands of life, including the ability to be fair, to keep one's word, to take responsibil­ity, to live exemplary, and most importantly, to dwell in favor with God. A parent's role is full of unselfish responsibilities and oppor­tunities to mold a lasting Christian character in a young and pliant soul.


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