...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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The North Wall

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The church matters. It is all that matters, church is the visible body of Christ on this earth. The church is the saved. The value, the worth of anything is most usually commensurate with the price paid. If this is so, the worth of the church is unfathom­able-paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ. I'm not sure we can grasp that (Acts 20:28).
Our work in the church is two-fold, promoting the Word of God and defending the Word. But we are very conscious that we can easily become lopsided in our work. I realize we say quite a lot in opposition to error, but dear ones, sometimes it is necessary. Soldiers gather at the wall where the battle is. Yes, other fronts must be protected and advancements made, but it is proper to be lopsided at times if there is a feared breech in the wall that warrants it.
You see, more sermons are likely preached against mixed bathing in July than in December. We become more con­cerned and more preachy against drinking when we learn of brethren in the congrega­tion defending it. We are more apt to be lopsided on the divorce issue when we learn of our young being subtly influenced by those who defend and advance the error.
Would the Alamo have stood even the 13 days it did, if, when Santa Anna came against the north wall, the 189-or-so men inside would have rallied at the south wall? Or no wall at all? Or had the battle raged at the north wall, what true soldier would have complained, "Brothers, we're spending too much time at the north wall-we're becom­ing hobby-riders."
So, we beg your patience as we occa­sionally work through problems at the "north wall." We make mistakes, but we are doing the best we know. 


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