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The Old House

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There the old house stood; deserted, abandoned, weathered, beaten. This once beautiful home showed years of layered neglect—dirt, cobwebs, muck and grime. The windows were cracked and broken, dingy from time. Shingles were missing from the roof, allowing the rains to enter. The inside was in shambles. Even the once protective fence about the house stood bedraggled and broken.
The people who passed the old house were free with their comments of re­pulse. "Why does this old house still endure—it is such an eyesore?.. .why cannot it be torn down? It makes no sense for it to stand there still."
But the owner of the house passed by and beheld it with foresight and vision. He saw the true beauty of the house, what it could be, and so he set to work immediately. He repaired the roof, and replaced the windows with new panes. With delight and pleasure he painted the weathered structure. Then, with patience and skill, he fashioned the inside of the house to become a sight of beauty, a place of comfort and cheer. Even the decrepit fence he made straight and tall. The old house had become a lovely place of beauty and luster. And the good man was praised.
 There the soul stood, dejected, abandoned, weathered and beaten. This once innocent spirit showed years of layered neglect, spots and blemishes of careless indifference and disregard. God's Light could scarcely penetrate the windows of this soul. The coverings of virtue and goodness were gone, and the rains of sinful things poured through. The inner depths of this soul had be­come shambles of wreck and ruin. Even the fence of conscience was bedrag­gled—barely there, pitifully broken.
The people who passed by this poor soul were free with their comments of disgust. "Why does this person continue to disgrace our community?.. .why can­not this one be sent away?—such an irreparable eyesore it is! It makes no sense to think of the possibility of change—there will be none."
But the Great Physician passed by and beheld the poor sin-sick soul with sym­pathy and compassion. He saw the soul's sleeping beauty, the possibility of repen­tance and change, and so he set to work immediately. His providence sent a car­ing and compassionate Christian to replace the darkened windows of igno­rance and rebellion with clear panes-panes which would let the light of his Word shine through. And the sinner listened. With delight and pleasure He saw the weathered, sinful structure begin to change. Then, with patience and skill, His providence brought other Christians into the work of fashioning this soul. His Word began to make it a sight of beauty, a place of love and grace and virtue; a place with an air of confidence and hum­ble submission. Even the decayed fence of conscience was again erected to pro­tect this new soul of change. The poor, beaten, sin-sick mortal had at last be­come a lovely soul of grace and beauty. And God was glorified.


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