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A Price That Is Far Above Rubies

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by Terry Bond
The description of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 communicates to us the mind of God concerning what a wife should be. It further conveys the kind of woman for which a godly man should search in choosing a mate for life. Although she may be elusive, her value is beyond measure as stated in Proverbs 31:10: "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies." We know God does not instruct us to per­form actions that are impossible nor does he lead us in ways which cannot be followed.
I can write with experience and say that there is nothing more valuable in this fleshly life than a godly wife. I can­not imagine the discouragement of at­tempting to live for God and to have a home pleasing to Him while joined to a mate that is living against the will of God. How difficult it would further be in attempting to bring up children in the way they should go and to set a godly example to all men. I said "attempting," for it will only be an attempt. At the very best a man can do, he will have heartbreak if he goes through life with a mate that does not love God and is not willing to put Him above everything.
What can we say in consideration of the value of such a woman? The state­ment written in the Bible puts her price "far" above the most valued possessions any man can have. How can one place a value on a mate who is "determined" to make heaven their eternal home? What would be the price tag for a godly wife who is determined to help her mate, her children and all others she can influence make it to heaven as well? Furthermore, can a husband put a price on trust? I have witnessed the heartache of several of my co-workers through the years who have experienced unfaithfulness in their marriage. The sin of unfaithfulness in most cases brings about yet another sin-divorce. Is it not a great comfort to know our mate is faithful to her wedding vows at all times? What is the value of a faithful mate? Only in eternity will we fully know!
What is the value of a Christian home? What effect do you suppose just one godly family can have for good? How many lives are they able to influ­ence? What is the value of having a "help meet" that is willing to fulfill her God given role in the family? The world thinks she is incomplete without her "own" career. Can the family be what it should be without this willingness on her part to "guide the house?" There may be many ways to have a home but there is only one way to have a home that is pleasing to God. If we are to have this home, we must have a wife that is a "virtuous woman." What is the value of the Christian home? Only in eternity will we fully know!
What is the value of a virtuous woman to the church? Can she not use her wisdom and teach those who are younger things that will strengthen them in their service to God? (See Titus 2.) In doing so she will strengthen the entire congregation. She will have a great effect in areas such as modesty, assuming our God given roles as husband and wife, bringing up the children to serve God, etc. What is the value of a virtuous woman to the church? Only in eternity will we fully know!
If an eternal home in heaven is your great desire, then here is an important consideration. Do not make a hasty or foolish decision in your choice of a mate! I believe the mate we choose will greatly affect where we will spend eternity. I would like to encourage each of you who are searching for a mate to take a long and close look at the inside of the per­son. If we are not wise, we may, like the world, fall for the physical traits and not place the necessary value on the spiritual traits of a person. Do not make this mistake my brethren. For you see, only in eternity may we realize the true cost of our mistake! Proverbs 31:30: "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised."—370 High Creek Yume, Fries, VA 24330


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