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Revolution Against Evolution!

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Emancipation for Creation!
Part 1
by Jesse McDaniel
There are four basic philosophical questions all people seek to find the answers to. Who am I, why am I here, how did I get here, and where am I going when I die? There are two basic religions in today's world for us to choose from. Belief in God answers the questions like this.
Who are we? We are precious souls an All Mighty God created and cares for. Why am I here? We are here to serve Him and tell others about Him. How did I get here? God made us. Where will I go when I die? Heaven or Hell.
The religion of Evolution (and it is just that, a religion, not Science, as we will prove later), answers these four important questions like this. Who are we? Animals, highly mutated by miracu­lous chance and impossible processes. Why are we here? We don't know, does it matter? How did we get here? Inani­mate, dead things joined together by impossible means to spark life, which changed over millions of years to form human beings and all the living things we know. Where are we going when we die? Nowhere. This life is it, you better live it up while you can.
The humanistic, atheistic doctrine strips societies and communities of mor­als and ethics. If there is no God to answer to, and the Bible is a fairy tale, then people live their lives badly. The religion of the Nazis was evolution, they believed they were the Arian Race, a more highly evolved race than the rest, and so we have the holocaust. Millions of people gassed and starved to death.
The religion of the Communists is evolution. It produced the cold war. Millions of dollars wasted, the impover­ishment of the Soviet public, among other miserable things. Hitler is the one that made the remark if you tell a lie long enough, loud enough, and often enough, people will believe it. That is the case with evolution.
Is this the kind of thinking that we want the world to follow? Since the sixties when evolution began to be pushed into the public schools and col­leges, the rates of divorce, violent crime, and children born out of wedlock has soared dramatically. If faith in God and the Bible is extinguished, the world will descend into a terrible place to live in. This is why we must arm ourselves with the truth, both from the Bible and from Science. We've got to revolt against the delusion of the masses, the lies, the hoaxes, the crazy theories taught as the truth of the origin of the universe. We need to stage a revolution against evolu­tion.
Colonel Knox was a key ingredient to the success of the American revolu­tionary war. The American forces had no artillery to back the infantry. Knox came up with the wild scheme to go get the cannons from a fort up north called Ticonderoga. For two grueling months he hauled these massive, heavy brass cannons overland all the way to the American forces holding the British at Boston. The big guns were a major asset to the war. We need to bring out the big guns against evolution, and do more than just poke holes in it. I want to bomb it.
First, let me explain the odds of evolution ever starting. In mathematics, there is a method of calculating things called permutations. It means how many ways can the outcome go based on vari­able things being arranged in a specific order. For instance, you would use the math for permutations if you wanted to know the odds of taking 200 pennies and numbering them one to 200, then shaking them up in your pocket, and pulling them out in successive order, one to 200. The odds of that are one in 200 something to the 200th something power. Really bad odds—in fact, you could try to accomplish this for a billion years and it wouldn't happen. There are too many possible ways for the order to be, and the single correct order just can't hap­pen. In the laws of permutations, it has been proven that if you have odds worse than one in ten to the 50th power, it is mathematically impossible.
There are a quadrillion atoms in a single cell organism such as the evolu­tionists say would have formed itself by chance. If 200 ordered pennies blew the odds way out of the water, what do you think a quadrillion would do? Do you believe if there was an earthquake in Detroit, that all the car parts in the facto­ries would jumble together and make a fleet of trucks by chance? That's what we're talking about here, or worse. The math says that the odds of life forming itself are one chance in ten to the 12f power of bits. If you wrote the number it would take up one hundred million pages of small print like in the Encyclo­pedia Britannica. This number is beyond all comprehension it is so big, and you've got only one chance in all these zillions of numbers to spark life. It is so far past being mathematically impossible that the theory of evolution should be thrown out of public schools, parks, the media, and everywhere else in a heart­beat but it's still alive and dominating. Scientists can't even put a single cell organism together and spark life in a lab. There is no way life was formed by chance.
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