...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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It Can Be Too Late!

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It Can Be Too Late!

All that is necessary for evil to overcome the church is for enough good brothers to do nothing." You've heard that saying of the world, but these few notes are about the church. If we read the line as it ordinarily stands, "for evil to overcome the world," we would see the need to act to preserve moral decency in our democratic culture. But when it reads "to overcome the church," we begin to understand the deeper relevance of the message: that only when we are so convicted that we can do nothing else but defend the truth, nothing else but speak out for the purity of the church, only when this is done have we done what the Lord requires.

The truism named is often discussed from the "world view" as we observe the growing problem of wickedness in society, but we too seldom apply it to wrong in the church. It is clear that we need not and must not wait for someone else to correct a bad situation. Each of us has our own responsibility to make an impact that counts, a debt laid upon us for the sake of the church by God Himself.

To illustrate this, we have young Josiah responding to the evil brought upon the Jews by Manasseh.

The evil reign of king Manasseh had caused Israel to fall into a declining spiral, resulting in her darkest days. Manasseh sacrificed his own child to the detestable fires of Molech. He set up places of worship to false gods and had holy men killed. He sneered at God and plunged the nation into wickedness. Only at the end of his life did he look back and realize what damage he had wrought, at which time it was too late for him to change the nation.

Do you realize, dear brother, that it can be too late to do anything about protecting the holiness of the church, her purity and her direction? Do you realize that the church can become so caught up in friendship and pleasantries, that her purpose, her purity, her people can be wholly corrupted? Do you understand that all that is necessary for the church to embrace sinful things and the men or congregations promoting sinful things, is for us to close our irresponsible eyes and do nothing?



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