...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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Church Music

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Church Music

In contrast to the little piece entitled "Old People's Church," I wish to offer this small anecdote. My recently turned four-year-old grandson and I were going to take care of some family chore. Now, I am certain that my only grandson is the smartest grandson ever. Of course, you know that this is not true because your grandson fills that category. Be that as it may, we crawled into my trusty old Ford truck. Cole plopped down in the middle and fastened his seat belt. He proceeded to instruct me to fasten my seat belt before I cranked the truck and then I could put it in gear. All of which I did according to instruction.

As we started down our driveway, he noticed an old tape sticking out of the tape player. He asked, "Is that church music?" I told him it was, and he leaned way up to push the tape into the player. He commented, "I Like church music." I was very proud and pleased. However, I wondered how long it would last.

We drove to our destination in about twenty minutes with church music playing all the way. Along the way, Cole asked, "Know what I'm going to do when I grow up?" "No, what?" I responded. "I'm going to sing church music." I could not articulate my feelings. I could only say that I thought that was great.

We took care of our business and drove home, church music playing all the way, and he sang along with a couple of songs he knew well. It was beautiful, and I will never forget those precious moments.

Now, I understand that Cole's statements offer only a simple understanding. He knows what "church music" is (a capella and congregational). He also likes it. He knows some beautiful words and tunes. I do not doubt that he knows a lot about the worship service. He knows this because his parents have faithfully brought him and his sister to worship services throughout their lives. They have been taught the worship of the New Testament church by word, example, and experience. Sometimes our four year olds have greater understanding of God's order that young adults and they didn't get that understanding in Sunday school or Bible classes, —fg



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