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Communicating God's Love and Concern

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Communicating God's Love and Concern
by Raymond Walton

How great an honor God has conferred upon mankind to place His Word-His Will-in to our hands! Have we taken the great honor in a somewhat casual manner? The essentials of communicating God's Word should be studied very carefully. We must never assume that we are communicating it. The process consists of a two way system in which a "source sends a message through a channel to a receiver, who then responds in some manner and gives the source some reaction to the message."

Let us translate this statement into Biblical terms. We have a message from the great source—God. We Christians are the channel—earthen vessels, through which it gets to the receiver—the sinner, who responds in some manner. But an impasse often occurs, and we fail to communicate the message and Christ and his blessings are shut out from the receiver. The question is asked, "where did the break down appear?"

Let us examine carefully what happens. The process is largely pursued by means of words. The use of words as a means of communication is a major difference between man and the lower animals. The message, or ideas, are encoded by words and transmitted by the words of the channel or vessel to the destination or receiver who in turn decodes the meaning of the words. Now we can easily see how our failure to communicate may develop.

The difficulty often arises with the channel of transmission. We, the earthen vessel, transmit the message so poorly at times and we assume that we are communicating, when we are not. Our understanding of the meaning of words comes from our experiences with them. A common understanding of the words used is most important in sending and receiving of the message. What can we do about this? The problem may be in me-the channel or the vehicle of the message. It could be in the way I talk to the receiver. Am I applying the same meaning to the words that he uses? Are we having a meeting of our minds on the language used? The sender and the receiver must have a common understanding of the words which convey the message.

We must have a genuine interest in the receiver and we must be sensitive to his needs. We must show him that the message is relevant and we must not stand in the way of his receiving it. Through much study and practice let us master the art of communicating God's message of love and concern to others.

The first prerequisite to showing Christian concern for our friends is to have a face to face, soul to soul, spirit to spirit look at one's self. Just what is written in my thoughts, on my face, and in my actions? Do these factors radiate the expression of a life well spent in God's service? Do they show that I have studied His Word enough to have something to communicate to others? Is my own life an example of what constitutes the true spiritual way of life? Believe me! It is really worthwhile to re-evaluate one's spiritual stature ever so often so that the spiritual defects (and we all have some) can be worked on in the light of God's Word. This corrective examination will enable one to reach out with a pure conscience and a self-confident attitude toward friends and others who need Christ.

Each Christian is constantly communicating God's concern to his friends by the manner of life-in his daily activities-the things he does and says. Christians are saving power to mankind only as we make our influences felt. Though we are not "of this world," we are nevertheless in the world, and our God commands us to change it.

The attitude with which we show our concern should be warm, friendly, helpful and positive. In this manner we communicate from our loving heart.

Most of us do not demonstrate enough care for the lost or each other. May we practice this quality of care and concern until it drives us upward and outward to our friends and even to the ends of the world.

The conveyance of spiritual maturity to our friends is the great motivating force, perhaps next to the drawing power of God's Word, which will really show, not only to our friends, but to the world, that this is it! For as they see the spiritual values in our lives, they will be constrained to seek answers as to why one can lead a relaxed, happy and peaceful life in the face of life's many problems and difficulties.

Often, we will experience difficulties and frustrations in our efforts to establish a relationship adequate to communicate God's concern and transfer a great truth to one who is desperately in need of such truth. But if we persevere unrelentingly, we know that "God will give the increase." There is no truer statement than "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." Leaven has the power to divide, to separate, and to grow. So when we sow the seed in the heart of one person, he sees the need of showing Christian concern to his friends...and it works! The church will grow today in proportion to our concern for others.

Let us not be ashamed to express by word and by deed our concern for one another. Let us never take it for granted that people know that we care. Let us show that we care.

Each Christian must become a committee of one to demonstrate Christian concern for others. At work and at play, we should, by our word and our deeds constantly exhibit Christian concern for all. This is a thrilling, rewarding and exciting experience-more so than watching a good ball game! -1731 W 17th Circle, Russellville, AR 72801



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