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The Cost of Transgression

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The Cost of Transgression

Reading the article "Kids and Consequences" in the December Light brought to mind a happening from years ago. A young man, having attained the age of eighteen, felt all grownup. One night he decided he could outrun and out drive a policeman. He was wrong. The officer called his father and told him his son was in jail and explained why. He then told him if he would come down and sign for the boy, he could take him home. That is if he would agree to bring him down to face the judge on Monday.

The father said, "Just leave him where he is. I'll come down Monday and see what this judge has to say." The judge gave the boy a lecture and told him he had to pay a fine. He also told him if he got in trouble again, he would spend more time in the crossbar hotel. On the way home the boy told his father he didn't like that hotel. As far as I know, he never again faced the judge.

I wonder how different it might have been if that father had gone to the station and told them they should stop persecuting die young people, especially his son. Then berated the judge, paid the fine, and on the way home told his son how unfair they had been to him.

We need to learn early in life that every experience has a cost and every action has a consequence. There is a judge we all must face some day. The wise man said (Ecc. 11:9), "Rejoice young man in they youth; and let day heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou that for all these things, God will bring thee unto judgment." In Romans 14:12, Paul assures us that every one of us will give account of himself to God. Judgment will be a personal happening. Our parents will not be able to plead for us. Our preacher will not be able to answer for us. He will have his own problems. By our own words and actions, we will be justified or condemned.



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