...the churches of Christ salute you! Rom 16:16

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God Bless the Preacher’s Mother

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God Bless the Preacher’s Mother

Few mothers know the power of their influence in the home. The children sass. They are disrespectful. They are selfish and without gratitude. They leave the church. And mother feels she has failed.

Failure is sometimes ill defined. Failure may be experienced in a venture, but time may prove that the failure was only limited or temporary. Failure is not always permanent. Sometimes, in pessimism, failure is too early diagnosed. It is much like the adage; "Lose the battle, but win the war." Losing the battle does not mean the war is over, nor does it suggest failure–that all is lost. Who can tell how much of Mother’s teaching has been absorbed and will germinate and blossom in due time in a beautiful flower. Young people mature.

Lincoln said, "All that I am I owe to my angel mother." Mothers contribute to the happiness and stability of the home in general, and the offspring in particular. Mothers contribute to the welfare of the local society. Mothers contribute to the welfare of the national good. But most importantly, mothers contribute to the well-being of the church; her pleasant delights, her enduring longevity, her present purity. And how is this?…by raising up a godly seed –young women to guide and guard the home, young men to lead our congregations and preach the gospel. Mothers deserve our appreciation and our praise.



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