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Young People… The Church’s Great Untapped Resource

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Young People… The Church’s Great Untapped Resource

by Zach Everett

The youth of the church are a powerhouse to be reckoned with…for good! This being the case, which I’ll shortly prove, we have not empowered or come beside the youth to enable them to accomplish the good for the church that they are capable of doing. I’m convinced that if we can tap into only a fraction for the poetical that lays in the heart and souls of the youth in the church, we would see a transformation in the vitality of the church! This past weekend we enjoyed a gospel meeting not too far from here. This meeting was called for, and planned by the youth of the congregation (with the overseeing of the elders or leaders.) They even picked the speaker. Do any of you see this as a bad thing? These young people wanted to go to church services. They wanted to hear the gospel preached. They wanted someone to come talk to them every night about that "boring old Bible stuff." If we have the idea that young people don’t want to hear and study the Bible…then we are dead wrong. Rather than being critical and "preaching at" the youth, as we have been guilty of at times, why don’t we get the young of your local congregation together and ask them to plan a gospel meeting? Tell them, "you pick the dates, times, preacher, or preachers, activities, subjects to be preached, etc…Let them do it. If something is presented unscriptural, then with wisdom, love and tact, gently guide in the right direction.

I hope we’re not in the number that thinks all young people are worldly and couldn’t care less about spiritual things. There are some very godly, conscientious young people out there. If we don’t come beside those young people and work to fulfill and cultivate their spiritual desires, the picture could very well be bleak. When someone doesn’t feel needed or appreciated then there’s not going to be much of a bond or relationship between the two parties. If a husband or wife feels that they are not appreciated or needed, the marriage will suffer. So it is with our youth. We need to make them feel needed; that we couldn’t do without them. Let’s also tell them often and in many ways that we appreciate them and what they do.

The power that young people hold spiritually, in my opinion, is largely untapped. These are the guys that have the energy, excitement, enthusiasm, passion, adrenaline, imagination, dreams, goals…This excitement and passion is going to be funneled toward something; work, play, sports, girls/boys, cars, drugs, video games, OR, we could empower them to expend that energy to the glory of God.

Young people also have an uncanny ability to accomplish what the church’s purpose is on earth–save the lost. Who typically brings more visitors to church services? Young people. They can influence their peers much more easily than the older can influence their peers. There are various reasons for this, but the resounding emphasis should be that it’s true…they can.

There are more youth to obey the gospel than old. If this field of youth is white unto harvest, it sounds like we need laborers in the field and who better than their peers? Let’s do all we can to encourage our youth to evangelize. If it’s no more than telling them to invite their school friends or neighbors to services, let’s start there.


I do appreciate our youth, and oh, how desperately we need them!

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