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T.B. Larimore

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T.B. Larimore was a noted second generation Restoration preacher, born July 10, 1843 near Sequatchie Valley in Jefferson County, East Tennessee. He was a poor boy and had little schooling in his early years. As a youth, he worked on the McDonough farm for $4.00 per month, and went to school only ten or twelve weeks each year. He stayed with the farmer through the week, sleeping in his loft with two of the farmer’s sons.

On Monday morning brother Larimore would get up early and walk the distance to the McDonough farm, work all week, collect his small pay and then walk back home on Saturday night. Larimore fondly remembered his mother meeting him on his return home each Saturday night. There was a small stream not far from the house where he had to walk a log across the creek. When he returned from his week’s work, unvaryingly his dear old mother was on the other side of the creek, waiting, holding her old oil lantern for young Larimore to see how to walk the log. She never failed him, rain or shine, which left a lasting impression upon him concerning a mother’s love. Someone asked if he thought his mother would be across the valley to help him to his eternal home. In his unbounded faith he said he did not know, but he did know Jesus would.

This little episode in the life of Theophilus Brown Larimore is easily paralleled with daily Christianity. We walk a lot of logs in life, over many a chasm of enticement and tribulation. Because it is so easy to be swept away by the torrent of our trials, we often need a "mother" or a kindly brother on ahead, beyond the log, to hold the light for us.



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