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Paul Cared

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Paul Cared

by Mackie Bounds

May I introduce you to my friend? This man works with his hands for he is a tent maker. Not only is he a tent maker but he is also a very intelligent man. He used to rub shoulders with the big shots of the world. The leaders of the government knew him quite well.


One thing I admire about my friend is, he had conviction. Even when he did wrong, it was because he was convicted in his heart that it was right to do. He tells me the story about the day he was on some road to Damascus and the Lord spoke to him. You talk about a different man; he changed over night. He tells me it is because of Jesus Christ. He even told me he was baptized into Christ and had his sins washed away. Then to my surprise, his friends turned against him and they started dealing my friend all kind of trouble. Just think, five times he received 39 stripes. Why? He always said it was because of the church. I mean, he loved the church so much he worked day and night while he was at Ephesus. He warned of the dangers that would face the church, such as false teachers, being carnal and losing a desire to love God’s Word.

What made my friend so great was the fact he never lost his focus. When he said that he would finish his journey with joy, he did just that. What made him so strong? He told me that he could do everything through Christ Jesus who strengthened him. He was always praying for his brethren and he thanked God for them. Even though he did so much for the church, the care of all the churches was on his heart daily! Even when my friend was cast into prison, he still wrote letters to the brethren trying to encourage them to remain faithful. He never did one thing that hurt the church in any manner. Why? Because he cared!

Why don’t each of us today inherit this same type of love for the church? Do nothing my brethren that will hinder the church in any way. For me to accomplish this I am going to have to deny myself and take up my cross and follow Jesus. This man Paul should be an inspiration to each of us as we strive each day to do what is best for the Church. Paul Cared! My friends, do we care? If we do, we will do what is best for the Lord’s Church in every situation. May God bless you and me with a similar heart as my friend Paul had.

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