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Just Lie About It!

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Just Lie About It!

Some days ago in New York, at a trial on the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, Judge Richard Casey asked abortionist Timothy Johnson if it ever crossed his mind that an un-born baby feels pain. The abortionist twice indicated he’d never thought about it.

Dr. David Stevens, who heads the Christian Medical Association, wasn’t surprised. "We really shouldn’t be surprised. What’s a little lie when you’re willing to kill babies in the most gruesome manner possible?" The lie, or the admission of what at best can only be described as an incredible lack of caring, came after Johnson had told the judge he knew of no scientific research into pre-born pain. If true, Johnson flatly ignored research published by Dr. Jean Wright, an expert on the pain of the pre-born. "Not only do they feel pain," Wright said, "they feel it anywhere from three to five times more intensely." It’s fact, but the abortion community wants to suppress legal testimony about the pain of unborn babies. "We scientists have come to grips with that," Wright explained, "but the abortion community has denied it and wanted to keep that kind of information away from the lay public."

In further questioning, Judge Casey asked Johnson whether pregnant women were told that the partial-birth abortion procedure involves "sucking the brain out of the skull." Johnson replied, "I don’t think we would use those terms…we would probably use a term like ‘decompression of the skull’ or ‘reducing the contents of the skull.’"

Ironically, abortionists themselves, by suing in an attempt to strike down the federal ban, are being forced to expose the truth behind their horrible and mur-derous industry under the questioning of Judge Casey. "He’s making the gruesomeness of this procedure a matter of court record," Stevens said.

Who knows…this macabre scourge of murdering the unborn may someday be looked upon as a period of shame and disgrace for the United States, much the same as we now abhor the era of slavery in America. The pendulum does swing you know. Sometimes.



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