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How the Baptists View It

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How the Baptists View It

Sometimes it is profitable to review the inner workings and convictions of denominational people. Once in a while we learn of convictions they hold and statements they make that are right on target, even though others are completely erroneous. This is so even in the church. For instance, bro. Foy E. Wallace is credited with offering the sound counsel, "If you can’t read it in the New Testament, don’t do it." One would think his observation would have been applied to worship, but not so–he staunchly defended individual cups in the communion, a practice wholly unknown to the New Testament. And so it goes. The Fundamental Baptists originally published the following few paragraphs.

Do you know any truly faithful gospel preachers, good brothers who are not caught up in the political drift of compromise? Ethical standards for Christians are not matters which are to be left up to the pew or to the home only. It is the obligation of every true gospel preacher to set forth these things. Aren’t there yet standards? Does it make no difference how we dress, how we present ourselves–our bodies–before the world and one another? Certainly holiness is a matter of the heart, but is it not a matter of the body as well? Every man in his struggles to be pure knows that it is. It is the appeal of the body after which men lust. How, then, can we ignore that part of Scripture that requires godly modesty and refuse to preach it boldly and uncompromisingly? This failure is what the brother who has lost his heart to care is guilty of. He has determined that there are some things he will not preach. Godliness in dress is one of them. But the Bible speaks as much about moral uprightness as it does about uprightness in worship. The faithful gospel preacher and church member cannot ignore either.

Let the people call us old fashioned and peculiar. Let people get angry at us, if they must. Let them stomp out of the service and go to a church down the street, if they must. Let them call us legalists. Let’s face it: That is what Fun-damental Baptists have always been called. I am reminded of what Jehu’s friends said of the prophet who anointed him king over Israel. They called the prophet "that mad fellow" (2 Kings 9:11). Fundamental Bible believers have always been considered "mad fellows" by the rest of the world. If the compro-mising Christian world today no longer thinks we are strange in modest dress and godly living, maybe we are doing something wrong. It is certainly not that the compromisers are at last coming around to the truth.

It is up to God’s people to make a clear distinction between ourselves and the world. Men and women alike must stand in the old paths. There can be no doubt that the world is moving farther and farther from God’s Word. Those in the church who are moving closer and closer to the fashions of the world in giving up high, plain standards of holiness in dress should be alarmed that their conscience no longer condemns them. But this is what the Bible calls a hardened heart, and a hardened heart soon loses its ability to be sensitive. Fashion is not inherently wrong, but all fashion that violates Christian modesty is wrong.

–adapted from a newsletter by Fundamental Baptists



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