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It’s Time For A Christian Revolution

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It’s Time For A Christian Revolution

Four years ago this month, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas climbed to the top of the media wall and sounded his trumpet. One would never expect to read what he wrote in the pages of America’s newspapers. But there it was...and now, condensed, here it is, for what good it may do.

Three recent incidents demonstrate the growing irrelevance of some modern Christian churches that presume to bear the name of their Founder.

"A special committee of the Presbyterian Church (USA) proposed that practicing homosexuals be ordained as ministers and that the Seventh Commandment proscribing adultery be disavowed, along with all other prohibitions against sex outside of marriage. It took the committee four years to concoct something it calls a "justice-love" test to supplant the doctrine it once espoused.

"A committee within the Episcopal Church recommended that bishops be allowed to ordain homosexual seminarians to the priesthood. ‘I think the church is ready to take a little more progressive stance,’ said Bishop George Hunt of Providence, R.l., who headed the committee.

"A new book by the gadfly Episcopal Bishop John Spong claims the Apostle Paul, who condemned homosexual practice, was himself a repressed homosexual.

"It used to be said of the pietistic that ‘they are so heavenly minded they are of no earthly good.’ Surely it must now be said of these ‘progressives,’ who are nothing more than heretics and apostates in clerical garb, that they are so earthly minded, they are of no use to heaven or to anyone on earth.

"The non-religious might view this as immaterial and of little personal interest, but it is of great cultural significance when the Christian church has lost its moral power and has become a prisoner, rather than a leader and liberator, of the culture.

"The church once had power: moral power, spiritual power, the power to transform not only people’s lives but also to heal society’s deepest ills. That power, as the history of this and other countries has revealed, is greater than any government, no matter how much money government spends and no matter how many points of light it seeks to illuminate on its own.

"Three years ago, in an address to the Church of Scotland, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher touched on the relationship between a vibrant, doctrinally strong church and a muscular nation: ‘There is little hope for democracy if the hearts of men and women in democratic societies cannot be touched by a call to something greater than themselves...’

"What moral impulse can a church exert when it conforms itself to the world rather than renewing its principles? Is it God who sets the agenda or, as the deists believed, did He just start the global ball rolling and then leave us to our own devices?

"Repeatedly throughout history, a church that was sound and united in its doctrine, addressed the social ills of a society by first spiritually transforming people’s inner lives and then helping…provide for their physical needs.

"The ultimate anti-poverty program is a changed life.

"It is time for a revolution of the people who have not abandoned sound doctrine. Preachers and theologians who have departed from the Truth must be asked to depart from their churches. Church members must stage theological coups to topple those from positions of authority who have ignored God’s authority. As the prophet Isaiah wrote,

‘The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God shall stand forever.’

"Only such a revolution will revive the Christian church, and only a revived church can bring…a desperately needed moral conscience to the nation." —Sometime in 1995, our now departed sister Maudie Matheson sent me the foregoing commentary. Keep in mind that this was Mr. Thomas’ observations of some twelve years ago. And things are certainly no better. Sometimes it brings us back to reality to look a little more closely at how the denominational world is functioning, with the full knowledge that we ourselves may one day be confronted with the same errors.



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