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Hampering Dedicated Work

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Hampering Dedicated Work

by Gaylon Cremeen

Among our brethren are many men who have dedicated their life to God’s service in the form of public preaching. I believe all too often we fail to appreciate the effort they put forth and the dedication they have for Christ. Paul spoke to the followers of Christ, "And we beseech you (ask earnestly), brethren, to know them which labour (or work) among you, and are over you in the Lord, and admonish (or guide) you" (1 Thess. 5:12).

Sometimes we are also guilty of hampering (hindering or obstructing) dedicated work because we don’t support and stand behind these men as we should. We take the preacher for granted all too often. We want him close by when we need him. We expect him to do our work many times and when he steps on our toes, we call him too extreme and push him out of our midst. When he teaches against our personal opinions and our own self will, we seek to find fault with him.

These are men who (many times when we are asleep) are up deep into the night studying and memorizing scriptures. Many times when we are outside enjoying a sunny day or engaged in some hobby, these men are willfully alone for hours in their study, choosing spiritual knowledge over worldly pleasure. Many times when we are enjoying a weekend at home with our family, these men are away, separated from their family, preaching a gospel meeting, funeral, marriage, or helping to spread the gospel in some far away place. The only thing many of these men are guilty of is sincerely living faithfully before God and preaching the same to others.

These men are not perfect nor do they claim to be. They make mistakes and have shortcomings along the way. Sometimes maybe, their kids don’t act as they should. Sometimes when they are involved in a church problem we may fail to realize that maybe they were asked to be there. Many times we accuse them of ruling a church or churches. When we do, we fail to realize that if a congregation or the entire brotherhood believes the same doctrine as the preacher, it is not his fault because everyone has studied their own Bible and follow after Eph. 4:4. Yet, many times he takes the blame for things that are not his fault. Paul goes on in 1 Thess. 5:13 to say "and to esteem (to value highly or have a high regard for) them very highly in love for their work’s sake…"

The next time you pray, remember the preacher in your prayers and let God know how much you appreciate him. Think for a moment where the church would be without them or, above this, think about where the church would be if we all were as dedicated to God as the preacher.

What a precious blessing the preacher is to you and the church. Have you supported him as you should? Please don’t ever be guilty of hampering dedicated work.

—411 Cedar, Springtown, TX 76082



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