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Dear Old Dad

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Dear Old Dad

Television has a tremendous influence over the American people. A great many of us do not have televison in our homes, but its fare still has its effect upon us, primarily because it influences the society with which we must interact.

The Parents Television Council found both good news and bad news among television’s portrayal of fathers. Television fathers who are always "around," involved and good role models are reported to be on the rise on the tube. Eighty-three percent of TV children were found to have an active and involved father figure in their lives.

But are you ready for this? But…only 47 percent of TV dads live in two-parent homes. Glenn Stanton, a social research analyst at Focus on the Family, said he finds that troubling.

"I think that’s the bad news," Stanton said. "That tends to tell us that fathers are not essential, they’re like maybe the lawn- care guy who stops by every once in a while and does some duty and then leaves." They’re really not needed.

Too, he said, fathers are portrayed as "the butt of the jokes, often, rather than being portrayed as the serious, moral leader of the family."

So? Does it matter? Should we care? After all, these are just characters on TV. And in that statement lies the danger of television. The answer is yes–because television has such an enormous influence on our culture in general, and on our families in particular. That’s what the experts say.



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