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Don't Be Evil

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Whether or not the company is genuinely concerned, whether or not the slogan is applied, the informal corporate motto of the popular internet search engine "Google" is "Don't be evil." Notwithstanding, there is evidence that Google has violated its own motto. Of the slogan, the company claims, "We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better served as shareholders and in all other ways by a company that does good things for the world   even   if we forgo some short term gains." The sixth point of the 10-point corporate philosophy of Google says, "You can make money without doing evil."Laying all that aside, the slogan is eminently the Bible message from lid to lid, from cover to cover. "Don't be evil." I wonder if it ever occurs to big business that the Holy Word of God is at the root of all that is good and upright, the very heart of moral purity and human integrity. Evidently not, because it continues to distance itself from the historical principled past of our country, the Biblically principled past.



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