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Mother's Work

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President Warren Harding, shortly before his death in 1923, spoke of the responsibility of home like this: "We must recognize that the tendency is to take the modern mother more and more away from the control, the training, the intellectual guidance and spiritual direction of her children...In the home must still be performed the duty of instilling into the child those fundamental concepts of religion and of faith which are essential to rightly shaping the character of citizens, and therefore of the nation. It would be an irreparable mistake if in surrendering to society a larger responsibility for the child's intellectual and physical well being, we should forget the necessity for proper religious training.. .Mankind never has stood more in need than it does now of the consolations and reassurances which derive from a firm religious faith."What is home without a mother? Too many husbands/fathers reading this don't really appreciate their wives. Too many young people take Mom for granted. Our mothers are often the pillar of the home. The instructor, the guide, the advisor-the wonderfully invaluable, irreplaceable caretaker of all the needs of the family. Cherish mother.



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