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It Makes a Difference

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It makes a difference what a man believes and what he teaches. Further, it makes a difference what that same man will actually oppose or support "every where in every church." The apostle Paul wrote concerning what had adversely affected the brethren of Galatia in Galatians 5:8-9. "This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."

Paul declares that the Lord was not responsible for the infusion of false doctrine. Inspiration then guides him to write a statement that preaches many sermons. The influence of error upon them may at the first have seemed very small and unimportant. There may have been little or no alarm in the outset of the proclamation that the early church should conform to the old Jewish law and its rites and customs. However, the apostle points out to these brethren that they in essence are the receiver of this timeless truth – “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”
The companionship with those who had a mode or form of thinking, teaching or belief that was wrong had affected the churches of Galatia.  It is absolutely essential in our present age that we as the body of Christ understand and grasp the message conveyed by heaven in the verses mentioned above. The leaven of sin or the leaven of false teaching has an objective. It has a work to perform. It alters, modifies and seeks to change everything it touches into a "nature like its own"! If a congregation begins to use men who believe in marriage, divorce and remarriage, then we are not surprised when that congregation in time embraces such a position itself.
Furthermore, if a congregation uses men who teach that we can commune with adultery, homosexuality, etc. without violating the will of God then we are not shocked when that congregation takes just such a stand. In fact, such scenario has unfolded time after time through the years. When churches of Christ began to use Sunday School preachers (or at least those who believed we could commune with the Sunday School brethren) what happened? In time, almost without exception, those congregations embraced Sunday School or the dividing into classes when the church came together. It has been so with every innovation and every departure from the doctrine of the New Testament church. It makes a difference what a man believes and what he teaches. It makes a difference what that same man will actually oppose or support.
Likely, you have noticed the scrutiny that takes place when an individual is nominated to serve as a justice on the United States Supreme Court. Hearings take place. Close examination and inspection of the individual is usually carried out with careful, deliberate effort. How will this person rule if they are chosen as a justice? Will they uphold the law of the land? Those conducting the hearings go back and see how this individual ruled previously if they served on a lower court. They read their writings. If the individual nominated has written a book, they read the book. This gives insight as to this person's mode or form of thinking or belief. It serves to identify the direction they will likely embrace if approved as a justice.
What is the point? Just this! It makes a difference who we surround ourselves with. It makes a difference who we place in our pulpits to lead and influence our people, including our youth. It makes a difference what men write, what they speak and where they stand as to the direction they will lead our local congregations -yea, a brotherhood! As always, the devil will seek to downplay such caution. However, the apostle Paul was very clear as to the problem with the churches of Galatia-"A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump" (Gal. 5:9). -454 Wilson Hill Rd, Readyville, TN 37149



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